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New application of blue light sees through fire

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have demonstrated that ordinary blue light can be used to significantly improve the ability to see objects engulfed by large, non-smoky natural gas ...

Hyperloop project goes to China

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies said Thursday it will team up with a southwestern Chinese city to build a new 10-kilometre (six-mile) test track for its high speed hyperloop transportation system.

How awesome is that: A 3D-printed underwater jetpack

What do we know about jetpacks. For one, we can easily think about sci-fi movies where Tony Stark needs to get at villains fast without the cumbersome aid of space vessels, and we see him flying over to crime scenes asap. ...

Magnetic force

The idea struck him one day after spotting a billboard as he was driving home from work. When he came to learn that it cost businesses $425 a week to rent the sign space, he decided there should be a more affordable option, ...

Researchers use AI to add 4-D effects to movies

James Cameron's 3-D film Avatar sought to revolutionize the movie-going experience when it was first released in 2009, creating an immersive world for viewers. But what if you also wanted to feel the heat and the wind, while ...

China's Baidu rolls out self-driving buses

China's internet giant Baidu announced Wednesday it had begun mass producing the country's first autonomous mini-bus, as the firm prepares to roll them out in tourist spots and airports.

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